My Incoherent Rants

The Frustrations Of Writing
    Every Morning I wake up, make some coffee, and sit down in front of my computer. Some days, ideas and interests flow from my mind to my finger tips. Other days, well, I sit here incoherently staring at the computer as if stories are going to pour from my mind onto the screen. Obviously, since I am neither magical or technologically savvy, this never happens. So what do I do? I walk back and forth from the kitchen to the bed, write a PM on Facebook, check my freelance professional page which is (shameless plug), and try to find a way to magically get people interested in what I write.
   My friends and family constantly ask me when I am going to write a book. I can barely get news articles out everyday much less force my ADD to settle long enough to write a book. "Take medicine", oh yes that's a great idea, my articles will be filled with fluffy Sesame Street ranting's and pictures of rainbows. No, instead I sit here bitching to my blog, which no one follows, texting my husband, who has no time to listen to my sad story, and day dreaming about a story so epic people will be uncontrollable from clicking. Sigh......maybe tomorrow.

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