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My View On Climate Change  8/10/13

I am writing this merely because I am sick and tired of the "climate change doesn't exist", and "you are wasting your time," comments that I keep getting.

I want to point out that, yes, climate change does in fact exist, it is a natural effect that the earth has gone through over and over since the beginning of existence. To answer the question "if it is natural then why should we worry?", that I keep having to answer, here is my reply:

Though climate change has existed as long as the planet has, the severity of the current climate shift is due to man made reasoning. It is simple, we are speeding along the process. The climate changes of the past have happened over hundreds of years, giving the earth and its species time to evolve and adapt to the changing climate. Currently, because we are pumping so many toxic gases into our atmosphere, allowing more sun to penetrate to the earth, we are drastically changing our climate at an extremely fast pace. That means...we don't have time to evolve. It also means that the polar ice caps are melting at a record pace. Don't give me the whole if you sit a glass on a table with ice in it, it wont overflow, speech. There are sheets of ice sitting on top of continents, that if dislodged will set into motion a sequence of events that would devastate human existence. First of all sea levels would rise, causing larger storms, and massive flooding. Flooding that covers entire states and wipes away everything it hits. Secondly, the fresh water would dilute our oceans salt water, bringing our current to a screeching halt. What does that mean? Well it means many things, but mostly it means extreme weather unlike anything we have seen before, and the death of plant and wildlife all throughout the oceans.

So, in a messy conclusion, Climate Change is real and is REALLY a problem. You can continue to have a political ignorant mindset or realize that when the earth starts to revolt it wont matter what party you belong to.

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